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We are the Living Breath Foundation.

The most valuable for us are the children - the fireflies of our planet.

If the opportunity arises for them to do at least something pleasant, to give them happiness, we sincerely rejoice in this. Indeed, in life you need to do what you really enjoy, that's why this is our calling.

When you get joy, you give energy to the world and the world in turn gives you even more!

We do not value what resource and strength we have.

Give a piece of yourself to this world! Let your good and joy be received by the one who is most in need of it now, and the gift multiplied and will certainly come back to you!

No need to get hung up on trifles, they devastate and prevent you from doing something truly important.

We wish you always want and do more, achieve and strive for this, and the opportunity to make someone happier is in your hands!

And we will help you with this.

Our life is multifaceted and in many directions also requires care, protection, support, new approaches to solving old problems and problems. To do this, we have expanded the list of our capabilities and the scope of our services, increasing the reach and destination where you can also share it with us. Let everyone be able to participate in our projects.

Thus, with the joint efforts of the staff of the Living Breath Charitable Foundation, various programs were developed to support the disabled population. Children, single mothers, people with disabilities, single old people, all of them also need the love and support, the warmth and care that our foundation volunteers give with the help of our patrons and sponsors.

The system of public education and healthcare, unfortunately, is far from the level of European and Western countries. In this regard, the activists of our foundation, together with caring citizens, created an initiative group to develop programs aimed at improving the quality of medical services, purchasing expensive equipment for medical institutions, equipping out-of-school educational centers and developing electives with furniture and everything necessary.

Support for children's sports, as well as participation in the development of art, the development of children's research circles, is the priority task of our foundation, because we sincerely believe that by educating a healthy, sober nation, our power will truly prosper and be independent.

With respect and love for you,
Head of the Living Breath Charity Fund
Kartosia Alexey Ruslanovich



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