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What is needed to consider an application for help:

1. Documents

  • copy of passport;
  • birth certificate (if the child needs help);
  • documents confirming the existence of the problem (extracts from the medical history, etc.);
  • income statement for all family members for six months;
  • family certificate;

Documents must be sent signed, dated, in good quality, allowing them to be examined. Making changes to documents using graphic editors or handwritten intervention entails a denial of assistance.

2. Description

If we are talking about a disease, you need to describe the history of its appearance, how it proceeds, what kind of help you need (treatment, surgery, one-time or regularly), explain what forecasts. If such treatment has already been carried out, it is necessary to tell what results it gave. We must also talk about the composition of the family and its financial situation. Did you turn to other funds for help or attempted to collect help yourself, if so, describe in detail, attach links to Internet resources, or attach a screenshot of correspondence and documents. If assistance is being collected for you in several places, report it. If your trouble is not a disease, describe what your difficulties are, where they came from, how the fund can help you.

3. Photos and Videos

If possible, record a video about yourself about your problem or attach a few high-quality photos, this is necessary to post your story on the site.

4. Fund Assistance Application

Form - (download), if the child needs help - download. The form must be printed, filled out, scanned and sent to us. Send the original application by mail: 03113, Kiev, st. Garmatnaya, d.7, floor. 2, the charity foundation "Living Breath".

5. Your contacts

Address, phone, email, social media accounts

Fund specialists may request additional documents for review. After collecting all the information and documents, your application will be placed on the site or put in the queue for placement. Attention, the fund does not guarantee full collection or collection within the specified period, we hope for your understanding.


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